Vae Victis


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The sophomore album from IKILLYA


released April 29, 2014

All songs written by Lekberg/Kerr/Gory/Pickard
Published by IKILLYA Ears (BMI)

Vae Victis is performed by:
Jason Lekberg: Vocals
Dave Kerr: Guitars
Mansa Gory: Bass and Horns
Jeff Gretz: Drums

Produced by Josh Wilbur
Instruments engineered by Paul Suarez
Vocals engineered by Josh Wilbur
Mixed by Josh Wilbur
Gang vocals engineered by Ryan Kelly
Pre-production by Armando Subero
Instruments recorded at Nova Studios, Staten Island, NY
Gang vocals recorded at Spin Studios, NYC
Pre-production recorded at IKILLYA HQ, NYC

Gang vocals by Otto Hoering, Matt Rosenberg, Stephanie Milner, Todd Dupree, William Berger, Paul Cibrano, Eric Jackson and Jason Lekberg

Art Direction & Design by Ken Adams
Band photography by David Jackson

IKILLYA proudly use:
Godin Guitars, DR Strings, Blackstar Amplification, Clayton Picks, EMG Pickups, Ernie Ball Music Man, Tech21, Dunlop picks, Evans Heads, Pro-Mark Sticks

IKILLYA would like to thank:
Missi Callazzo, Greg Caputo, Nicole Vitale and everyone at Megaforce Records
Jeff Cohen and Adam Mandell at Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan
Mark Scribner at Piemonte & Liebhauser
Paul Cibrano at Cibrano Media
Everyone at RED: Bob Morelli, Alan Becker, Frank Falkow, Liz Snair, Alex Brody, Tony Bruno, Chris Christian, Lisa Cohen, Joe Esposito, Rob Wetstone, Sarah Landy, Lamar Leggard, Dan Marter, Billie Jean Sarullo, Adam Zengel, Tara Wurtz, Ronald White, Shaine Weinman, Bob Weil, Patrick Volcy, Carlos Vega, Allison VanCleave, Wendy Washington, Dan Tousignant, Lauren Torresgrossa, Marc Styles, Jamel Stout, John Souchack, Darci Shellman, Lorraine Shea, Amanda Shadwell, Ava Ryerson, Catherine Rotella, Neil Ross, John Pervola, Ellena Osis, Richard Nash, Allison Moore, Pavla Mikula, Bailey McGinty, Terry McGibbon, Lisa Mastrianni, Zac Mantell, Joanne Madhere, Brendan Lustenring, Neil Lichtenstein, Seung-Hee Lee, Allison Lawton, Kelly Krueger, Rob Kordisch, Randolph Kartick, Alexandra Kamins, Mary Ashley Johnson, Tom Incorvaia, Peter Iannone, Tamara Horton, Mike Heyliger, Terra Hatch, Michelle Gayheart, Howard Gabriel, Sam Gable, Orlando Fussalva, Matt Frazier, Bridget Flynn-March, Kevin Farrell, Mitch Dudley, Felix Donato, Tommy DeBenedictis, Zach Diaz, Jamie DeFillippis, Saara DeAngelis-Jimenez, John Dabrowski, Laura Curtin, Billy Conklin, Tom Carrabba, Katie Carlson, Melinda Caffin, Scott Burton, Danny Buch, Dewayne Brown, Jasmine Brito, Robyn Brattner, Tyler Blatchley, Jaya Bhat, Ron Backer, Arielle Aslanyan, Davon Artis, Emma Applebome, Shealyn Anderson, Jake Anderson, Derek Anderson and Gazelle Alexander

This album would not have been possible without:
Gary Pickard – Thanks for the lifesaver. We owe you one, or several
Frankie Nasso – We’re in debt for all your support and passion brother
Josh Wilbur –Thank you for pushing us to our best and realizing our sound
Paul Suarez – Thanks for living with us and getting such great takes
David Jackson & Trevor Knackers – Without the visuals, we’d be half the band
Paul Cibrano – The 5th member. Thank you for holding it up when we fall down
Ryan Kelly and Armando Subero – For all the time and effort you’ve devoted. We wouldn’t have been able to get here without you
Jeff Gretz – Thank you for always being there when we needed you
Matt Zebroski – Thank you for all the hard work and fun times
Tim Borror – For making dreams come true
Larry Mazer – For the support and mentoring
And most importantly, the wives: Laurie Mucciolo, Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, Chance Gory – There’s not enough paper to write the thanks you deserve

Special thanks to our friends who helped support the creation of this album:
Andrew Iwanicki, Annalisa Lazzaro, Ben Umanov, Bob Sutton, Bobby Ingals, Brian Bason, Chris Buggelli, Chris Graham, Christian Brucculeri, Christine Wu, Cory Goonan, Dan Marshall, David Peris, Dimple Thakkar, Dmitri Kalmar, Dmitry Kostitsyn, Earl Maneein, Emily Shepherd, Evan Johnson, Gelu Sulugiuc, Greig Sills, Jacqueline Webb, Jared Wilbur, Jason Chester, Jennifer Studer, Jon Mark Deaerdorff, Jonathan Crow, Kathie Lazzaro, Kevin Rankin, Kirill Gant, Kore Rozzik, Lars Murray, Matthew Poulter, Megan Milner, Melissa Pelletier, Merja Jutila, Michael Grealy, Michael Hunter, Mike McSweeney, Nelson Wong, Otter Hoering, Patrick Chesebrough, Raj Narayanan, Ram Subramanian, Richard Bangs, Richard Mollo, Richard Sorkin, Rob Hough, Ron Moody, Ryan Kelly, Samuel P. Walters, Scott Dubbs, Stephanie Milner, Todd Dupree, Steve Anderson, Tony Stanziano, Trevor Jones, Will Vallar, William Berger and Deanna St Croix


all rights reserved



IKILLYA New York, New York

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Track Name: Vae Victis
The fork, the fork, the fork in the road
The crossroads I find myself at again
Fear has no home, no hold, no hand in this
Relentless spirit fed by the need to reinvent

Today our souls, Tomorrow the world

Your corpse, my ladder
Vae, Vae, Vae Victis
Woe to the conquered
Woe to, woe to you
Vae, Vae, Vae Victis

The failing of the failing of the right
The faux life you can not bear to not believe
I ride the backbeat like a viper, smarter
Looking down at me your defenses follow
Please under, underestimate me, it fuels the reactor within
Focus on the horizon and
All the burning buildings lose their glare

If I can’t change the world I’ll change myself
Redesign based on knowledge of the past
Stronger from that which only wounded
Equipped to exploit the weakness inherit
The path of least resistance holds no interest
At war with the failings of my own flesh
So sure I’m meant to be this way, this man
Despite doubt telling me how wrong I am

Feet don’t fail me now

If I go I remember I was born ready to die
Hold firm, hold fast choose this path and never
Look back

Today our souls, Tomorrow the world
Track Name: Driven
Let’s go

This small woods, backwater pond
My old home of disillusioned discontent
Hindsight holding hostage these years of memories
I’m feeling guilt for my nostalgia all the same

Smoke screens like fog
Cold beer and hot ash
Your dreams no longer than words
And that’s just not good enough for me

Not good enough

Retrace my steps, retrace and replay
Come alive at midnight by headlight
We roam the streets with cops and criminals
Which one ya wanna be tonight?

This pavement it, hums my name
As if it knows me intimately
Even when, back then I could never
Imagine I would ever be here now

Black on black will give you a heart attack
Not prodigal, I’m never coming back

These years meld comfort to genetics
I might just be ok with this red neck now
I’m proud these hands built everything you see
A simple man who knows nothing of your simple plans

This crown feels lighter the faster my charger goes
If I ever gave a damn you can keep it
Track Name: Exhortation
Oh, Thinking back I can't remember
A time when this pain did not define me
This pressure crushing my heart
Centrifugal, tearing me apart
Running full force for all these years
Just counting the moments 'till I collapse
Holding the weight of your world and mine
I swear it's going to kill me

I don’t need your ignorance
I don’t need your cowardice
Parading as my deliverance

Oh, these broken blisters bleeding
Through constricted hands
I will not lie for you

Cold, the cold, the cold that reaches my bones
Like so many times it has before
It's a pain I feel I must endure
As if suffering gives meaning
If I found the peace I dream of
Would it ever be enough to calm me
Am I built to be your lost soul
Or do I need your hell to draw my breath

The look, in your eyes. it amplifies
The words, like knives, flying from your mouth
The look, in your eyes, it exemplifies
Everything, everything decrepit in you

So sick and twisted
In my own head
I feel the need to punish me
For not having
The strength I need
To hold up every wall that falls on me
That falls on me
Track Name: Jekyll Better Hyde
I hate my flesh even more than I hate yours
If that even could be possible
I’m weighed down by all of my judgment
And my reluctant acceptance of it
Still it seems I can’t hate myself enough
Enough to just get through to you
I wish I could make you feel the way that I do
The way that I do when I hear you

All I am
Jekyll better Hyde
The remains of the monster in me
Protects the poison pumping heart
That powers all I am

No one listens when you’re louder than the rest
Ego big enough to see in black and white
Painfully aware of the day the rug will run away
With reigns in hand there’s no hiding to be had
Aching to chronicle this moment this one emotion
Each previous word too inspired to better
Longing to know if aliens wander the streets like I
Fairly certain I’m not entirely alone on this earth

Backwards world, back to me
Into a corner, back from the dead
Deep breaths, white knuckles
Fogged eyes and muscles of stone
These bridges burn and I will not stand still
Friction fostering all these flames

All I am
Since I found the will to better myself
I will find the strength to defeat you
Track Name: Bear Your Name
No longer will your legacy of hate survive
I conquer, I reclaim this lineage compromised
You will not, inflict me, with all your leprosy
Your failed soul, has no more, has no more hold on me

I, I bear your name
But I will bear it better than you

You’re still waiting
I bear your name
I’m not waiting
But I will bear your name
Better than you

I stand tall, I hold my shoulders high
You, your memory, I will eradicate
It’s my life, and I will, control my destiny
No sympathy for you, you’ve dug your own damn grave

No sympathy for you, you’ve dug your own damn grave

You’re still waiting, for me to find god
I didn’t know, he was ever lost
Because I, I, I have never
Track Name: Of The Most Magnificent
And I, I believe that you were wrong all along
The sky, the sky still falls
And I know you were wrong

Time forgets us all
Black coal, golden gloves and lives lost to harder times
Create all that you saw
Nothing but people to endure
Problems of the future
Built on the backs of lives lost before
History a distraction from reality
Written by those wishing to not be forgotten

And I, and I believe that you were wrong all along
The sky, the sky still falls
Yet I will be Magnificent

I don’t understand
Your reverence and your fear
I can’t sympathize
With your need for guidance

I wish I could
Be the light that guides you home
This grave dug, bed made
Long before we were either born
Though I may fail, I will, I will try

Simple lives lived short
Pray to a god that gives you meaning and hope
Yet made us all we are
Superstition begets ignorant bliss
The only soul I know
Is the strength of will I possess
To exist beyond this short-sighted existence
Track Name: Mission To Mars
My bed is a stranger now
Has been for years I fear
This half-life dream sustained
One wrong step and it’s
Over the edge for us all
Monitor glow in the black of
Night lighting this mission to mars
The stars always feel so close
I can smell their fear of falling
“Stay hungry” Dee’s been telling me for years

Slumber just an excuse to
Fall behind the pack you sheep
My after-burn consumes your
Lack of willingness to not
Fade away
Intoxicating white noise
Of midnight in this city
Energizing or exhausting
I can never tell anyway
Not that it would ever matter

Just gimme one inch
And I will take your life
To places you never dreamed
Just gimme one inch
And I will make my life
Everything I’ve ever known I would be

Peace only to be found
In death
At full speed
Full speed ahead
Track Name: Not Dead Yet
If I plan to use these bottles
To send a message to the world
I better get going draining
This liquid into me

Trying to find the limit
Oh what my what body can handle
This hangover it reminds me
That I still thrive
And if I never felt this pain
I’d have no proof I’m even alive

If these bright buildings can touch the sky
So surely can you and I
Already lived a couple of lives
And I’m not dead yet, no

I’ll never believe anyone else
Only I can prove it to myself

What do you think of me now?
Write it down and lets not forget it
Time will expose liars and leaches
Take a stand now or live to regret it

18 seconds until I
See the sun light the choices of my
Night light, creates shadows
That I call home
I’m comfortable feeling alone
In this empty city tonight

I don’t believe in luck
Life is exactly what it seems

If I plan to use these bottles
To send a message to the world
I better get going draining
This liquid into me
Track Name: Last Breath
A damp and muggy world greets me
Mirroring the oppression in my mind
It feels like this will always be all I know
It feels like this will always be all I breathe
Forget this hair, these boots and these tattoos
If my heart hurts, I’m going to tell you

And I can barely stand to comprehend
The thought of your last breath

5 years gone away as I wake today
Half a decade of life blessed by you
My life landmarked by unwarranted pain
Your name etched in stone too soon

Crimson blaspheme defines me
I’m always trapped in karma's darker side
I’m drifting between death and reveille
A paradox of freedom and captivity
I’m testing everything tonight
I’m racing through every yellow light
I question everything that I can't feel
And right now, I can't feel you
Oh, I can’t feel you

Resign yourself to flying
With my voice beneath your wings
Combine our cells, nefarious
Mutant vibrant everlastings

And I don't fear death
But I'd rather you didn't have to
Death gives life its meaning
But I, would rather trust you

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